Custom Made Arrows

We're happy to custom make your arrows to your specification, including accurately matching wooden shafts (to a level we don't believe is offered elsewhere) prior to fletching.

We also offer custom builds from a range of different carbonshafts from both the Bearpaw Penthalon and the super streamlined Bearpaw Penthalon Slimline range.

The Penthalon arrows can be in Traditional Black, Heavy Hunter (ideal for archers who usually shoot wooden arrows) and Bamboo appearance.

The Penthalon Slimline range offers spines right down to 1600 - ideal for low poundage bow shooters with spine ratings right down to 1600. They are available in black, timber effect or stunning bamboo appearance.

If advice is needed on which kind of shaft to choose or the spine then we're happy to help. The easiest way to contact us is to click on "Ask a Question" when you have selected the product and we will contact you as soon as convenient.

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