Bodnik Mohawk Hunter Riser

£255.00 / unit(s)
plus delivery

The Mohawk Hunter Riser has been designed to take both mohawk recurve or hybrid limbs and preserve their draw weight. When compared to the standard Mohawk riser the grip is much more forward (relative to the limbs) and is a higher pistol grip. From my own tests I actually found the draw weight of the hybrid limbs to actually be 2 - 3lb lighter at 28" for a set of 35lb hybrid limbs and I would expect a similar percentage drop for limbs of different weights.

The angle the limbs come off the riser is much greater on the hunter and that is how Bodnik have attempted to preserve a similar draw weight on different size risers. It does obviously mean that the limbs are working in a very different way from the standard bow but from my own shooting I found the bow very controllable and a great shooter. I generally tend to prefer longer bows and was genuinely surprised how much I liked the 58" bow made with a Hunter riser and Hybrid limbs.

The riser itself is made of Bubingha with maple and micarta inlays. It weighs in at 475g.

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