Second Hand Bows

All 2nd hand bows advertised for sale have been checked by Roger Massey and are held in stock with 1066 field archery. If considering buying a bow you are welcome to visit the shop and try the bow prior to purchase. No warranty is provided by 1066 field archery on 2nd hand bows purchased without trying them at the shop. With some bows like the Bodnik (but not bearpaw) bows and shrew bows there may be a transferrable warrenty still in existence. Most bowyers do not offer a transferrable warranty.

I am happy to buy reasonably priced 2nd hand bows or take them as trade-ins on new or 2nd hand bows or equipment. I'm even happy to consider buying entire collections of bows if I feel I can sell them on. If you are interested in selling a bow, or bows, then please email details to including your contact details and to save time please let me know what you would like for the bow(s). 

Sorry I'm not interested in buying compound bows or crossbows.