Blackbrook Bows

I have included this tab to provide some background and history on Blackbrook bows. The reason for this is I have enjoyed shooting Blackbrook bows more than any other mark and as of August 2018 no more new Blackbrook bows will be made. Over time I will add to this tab and provide some background on the main bows produced by Blackbrook.

Blackbrook Bows was founded in 2000 by Andy Soars. Over an 18 year career Andy designed and developed a range of impressive bows which have attracted a loyal following and collected multiple World and European titles. Sadly in August 2018 Andy announced his retirement from bowmaking. 

Whilst Andy is no longer making bows, he is still happy to make quality strings for his bows and provide background infromation to new owners of the bows that he has made. Andy can be contacted on: or Mobile 07718749093.