Bow Making

Bow Making

I've alway been interested in making things and undertanding how they work. When I embarked on making my first bow all of my bow building knowledge was gleaned from you tube videos, reading blogs and from a Bingham Projects DVD which was kindly lent to me by a friend. There were one or two hiccups along the way but I ended up with what has turned out to be a lovely shooting American Flatbow. In fact my son is currently shooting it in competitions! After my initial success I thought I'd tackle something a bit trickier and had a go at a fairly simple takedown recurve. Again this turned out to be a lovely shooter and there were fewer hiccups.

In the Summer of 2018 my bow making took a big step forward when I purchased the bow forms and designs of Blackbrook Bows from Andy Soars. I have been a big fan of Blackbrook bows for several years. I remember being totally wowed by the first arrow I shot from one. It was quite simply the best balanced and fastest bow I had ever shot (and still is!). Anyway, long story short, what started as a bit of fun has now become a pretty serious hobby. My workshop is now kitted out with some great bow making equipment and I am totally hooked on making superb quality, high performance bows. Andy has been a great help to me and I'm loving being able to make the bows that he designed and developed.

Building a bow is a great way to extend an interest in shooting and I believe understanding how they are made can improve how you shoot. It certainly makes you look at other bows differently and it's a great feeling going to a shoot knowing you've made every item that you will be using to compete and an even better feeling when you win!!

If anyone wants to have a go at making a bow and is stuck on where to get any bits please let me know. I do have quite a large amount of materials in stock and am happy to help as much as I can.

Below are some pictures and descriptions of a few of the bows I've made.

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