Wooden Arrows

At 1066 Field Archery we're not interested in building lots of arrows. We just want to build the best. We offer two types of arrows. The first we call our "Matched" arrows. With these arrows the shafts have been painstakingly matched in a very anal way to make what we believe are the best suited arrows to an individual who is probably a serious competitive archer. The 2nd are our "Artisan Arrows". These are bespoke builds which can be as creative as the archer demands. With these arrows we go beyond simply putting a few colourful cresting bands around the arrow, we go for full on "Shafting". The entire arrow shaft and feathers become a work of art and the arrows will fly as good as they look. No custom built arrows will be made without us first having a lengthy chat to completely understand your requirements.

Please note that all of our matched arrows, each set will be supplied with both weight and spine information of the completed arrows.

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