12 x Spine and Weight Matched Arrows

£105.00 / set(s)
plus delivery

If you purchase some custom built wooden arrows you will be contacted to discuss your exact requirements before any work begins.

As described, these arrows will look fairly basic but will fly superbly. With these arrows it is all about their performance rather than how pretty they are. They will be extremely closely matched in terms of weight and spine and hand made by Roger Massey. The arrows will be supplied with a data sheet describing the statistics of each arrow.

They will be constructed according to your requirements. You may choose any feathers that we stock and any type of pile or nock. All this will be discussed and agreed with you in advance of work on the arows commencing. In terms of the finish of on the shaft, it will be made up of a minimum of 4 layers of Tru-Oil. This is essentially a thin wipe on flexible lacquer. It is hard wearing and provides a smooth finish that reduces air resistance. In the past this was a finish commonly used on traditional composite (fibreglass and wood) bows before quicker to apply spray on finishes were adopted. If you would like your arrows finished with a different material we are only to happy to accomodate your requirements.

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