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If you would like to rent a Bodnik Mohawk (either recurve or hybrid) then please get in touch for details of our rental scheme, using the Ask A Question option. The cost is £120 for the first 12 months and then £60 p.a. thereafter. A refundable deposit does need to be paid up front but this is the ideal way to try out a mohawk and see just how good the bows are.

There is also a rent to buy option and a limb exchange option. You may even hire a bow with bow recurve and hybrid limbs!


The Mohawk is manufactured in the Bodnik Bows factory in Germany. Master bowyer Chris Unger designed a handle to have what he feels is the perfect grip. The pleasant combination of walnut and Mycarta also makes the bow pleasing to the eye. The limbs are made of bamboo laminates sandwiched by clear powerglass making a bow with exceptional performance while ensuring it is soft to draw. The bow was pre-tested by professionals from the traditional bow scene worldwide and received with enthusiasm.

When selecting the short limbs you will make a bow of 60 inches length.
When selecting the long limbs you will get a bow of 62 inches length.

Bow Length: 60" or 62"
Draw Weight: 20 -55 lbs in 5 lbs steps
Handle: Bubinga
Limbs: Bamboo and Bearpaw Power Glas
Tips: Mycarta
Grip: Pistol grip
String: Whisper String
Brace Height: 8 inches
Quality: Made in Germany
Warranty: 30 years Bodnik Bows warranty

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