12 x Custom Made Henry Bodnik Partizan Arrows

£115.00 / unit(s)
plus delivery

Custom made HB Partisan Arrows including, cut to length chosen, choice of feathers, nock colour and stainless point. If you buy these arrows you will be contacted by Roger Massey to discuss your requirements.

The perfect carbon arrows for 3D shooting and instinctive target archerying!

When developing the Partizan Extreme carbon arrow shafts, Henry Bodnik was driven to develop the perfect carbon arrow shafts for all traditional archers and bow hunters. After more than a year of rigorous research, testing, and development, Henry Bodnik is pleased to present the perfect carbon arrow shaft for all traditional archers and bowhunters – The Partizan Extreme carbon arrow shaft.

When developing this special carbon arrow, Henry Bodnik focused on the requirements and attributes necessary to produce a carbon that could satisfy all the needs of traditional archers all over the world.

What properties should a carbon shaft have?

  • Carbon arrows should be tough and resilient to perform perfectly on the hunt and on the 3D course.
  • Carbon arrows should be priced so that all traditional archers can afford them.
  • Carbon arrows should be designed to optimize performance, speed, and penetration.

With the Partizan Extreme, we have incorporated all of these important requirements!

The cross-woven carbon makes the Partizan Extreme extremely durable and resilient.

For the traditional archer and bow hunter, a straightness tolerance of .006″ is completely acceptable and helps us to keep the price for the Partizan Extreme very reasonable.

The thin diameter of 9/32″ helps to reduce the arrow paradox because the arrow is closer to the center of the bow. Partizan Extreme carbon arrows stabilize faster and as such, they are more efficient and lose much less energy than other carbon arrows do when recovering from archer’s paradox. With the greater efficiencies offered by the thin diameter and the perfectly balanced weight of our Partizan Extreme carbon arrows comes faster arrow speeds and increased penetration.

Even when it came to the components for the Partizan Extreme arrows, Henry Bodnik made sure that all the components – from the light aluminum inserts, the heavy adjustable break-off inserts, to the stainless-steel tips, are perfectly designed and manufactured to be the best in the business and leave nothing to be desired. The nocks are also extremely tough and resilient.

“The Partizan Carbon arrow is my favorite, trusted arrow when I`m out in the woods bowhunting!” (Henry Bodnik)

  • Available Spine: 500 (7.3 gpi), 600 (6.5 gpi), 700 (6.0 gpi) and 800 (5.7 gpi)
  • Straightness: 006
  • Shaft length: 32″
  • ID: 0.229″
  • Quality: cross woven carbon
  • Available Partizan Extreme Components
  • Aluminum insert 26 grains.
  • Points: 9/32” self-locking stainless steel points (O-ring) (75, 100, 125)
  • Nocks: Partizan Extreme Push In nocks
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