6 x Custom Built Penthalon Traditional Heavy Hunter Arrows

6 x Custom Built Penthalon Traditional Heavy Hunter Arrows

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If you purchase these custom built arrows we will contact you to confirm your requirements before starting work on the arrows. The price paid is all inclusive of whatever feather combination you would like (including barred designs), points, inserts, nocks and cut to the length you require.

It is ideally suited for use in traditional archery because it simulates the flight behavior of a wooden arrow perfectly. This should not come as a surprise because it also has the same weight as a wooden arrow. It is not for nothing that the most famous archer in the world has written his name on this carbon arrow.

"Unbelievably tough!" (Byron Ferguson)

  • Spine available values: 400, 500 and 600
  • Straigthness: +/-006
  • Quality: 100% carbon
  • Look: Footed Timber Pattern (screen printing)

If needed, a full specification of these shafts can be found at the folowwing web address:



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