****SOLD****Bodnik Phantom Flatbow/Hybrid 54", 30lb@28", RH

****SOLD****Bodnik Phantom Flatbow/Hybrid 54", 30lb@28", RH

For Sale is a fantastic example of the Phantom in excellent condition. White curly birch veneer over bamboo limbs with a micarta handle. This bow performs far above its weight, and has been measured at 185fps shooting Penthalon Slimline 1000 arrows. A nice, simple bow for the trad bowhunter class (it won silver at the NFAS 3Ds this year) that’s a lot of fun to shoot. These bows are no longer stock items, and are only made to special order by Bearpaw. 29 year Bodnik warranty remaining. Bow is in Sevenoaks and can be brought to shoots in the South East.

Price is £230.

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