****SOLD****Black Douglas Elite 60", 40lb @ 28", RH

****SOLD****Black Douglas Elite 60", 40lb @ 28", RH

For Sale is Black Douglas Elite. This in quite a rare bow being a one piece Black Douglas and is a very sweet shooter. It's 60" Long, 40lb @28" and is right handed.

Having spoken to Border about the bow it was made in 1996. For it's age it is in very good condition but does have a couple of minor marks on the back of the limb which don't go any deeper than the lacquer and certainly don't affect the performance of it.

Whilst the bow does have reinforced limb tips, it currently has a BCY B55 string on it with rubber silencers. I beleive the riser is Shedua and the limb cores are Maple with black glass on the belly and back.

The asking price for the bow is £400 and it's with 1066 field archery near Battle in East Sussex.

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