****SOLD**** Grozer Hunnish Extra 3, 65lb @ 28"

****SOLD**** Grozer Hunnish Extra 3, 65lb @ 28"

For Sale is a Grozer Hunnish extra 3 – new this is Euro 1200 – this one is mint  and that’s because I have shot 30 arrows from it.

65#@28”  but of course these highly recurved bows always feel 10-15# lighter and this one draws with the silky smoothness of a werthers original…

This is the real McCoy – REAL Horn..REAL Sinew – the REAL deal

No Offers £350   this is a steal – I bought it as I always wanted one just to have and look at – it’s time to share the joy so buy this at a fraction of its real value. The bow is located in Kent.

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