**** SOLD ****KG Astron Carbon 43lb @28", 66" Recurve, RH

**** SOLD ****KG Astron Carbon 43lb @28", 66" Recurve, RH

For Sale is a KG Astron Carbon Recurve - 43lb at 28" and 66" in length. The full history of this bow is known. It was purchased new by a good friend who shot it for half a season. I then purchased it. The bow has an solid alloy riser with takedown carbon / maple limbs. This is an extremely fast bow for its draw weight and its 66" length make it very stable. I purchased this bow to have a play shooting barebow with carbons over the winter. I only entered one 3D competition with it and it was the first time I shot an entire 40 target field course without missing any target with my first arrow! That was without the need for a plunger, or stabiliser. Just with the glue on hoyt pro rest in the pictures.

I purchased the bow as a 50lb @28" and tillered it down to 43lb and made a matching high grip removable handle for it out of African Padouk to match the wedges in the limbs. Since I normally shoot Hunting Tackle and do so split finger I tillered the bow for split finger. This bow would make a very competitive NFAS Hunting Tackle bow. There is a bit of damage to the back of the riser which happened when I was taking the poundage of the bow. The bow scales exploded on me and the guts from the scales peppered the riser. I was measuring the poudage with an arrow in situ which then ended up in my bedroom wall and so the bow wasn't dry fired and the only damage was to the back of the riser. This in no way impairs the bows performance.

Asking price is £175.

The bow is based in East Sussex.

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