***SOLD***Damon Howatt Hi-Speed 40lb, 58" Recurve, RH

***SOLD***Damon Howatt Hi-Speed 40lb, 58" Recurve, RH

For Sale is a Right Handed 40lb @ 28" Damon Howatt Hi-Speed recurve. This is a classic American recurve which is believed to date form 1973. It is in very good condition for its age and shoots sweetly and is a very quick bow. At only 58" the bow is great when shootng in dense woodland and it suits shorter draw lengths since it does start to stack a little as you approach 28". It has a two tone flemish twist dacrogen string which is kinder to old bows and includes period rubber bush silencers. The bow nocks show no wear.

This is quite a sought after old recurve since it has the attractive curved inlays in the bow handle which I believe were discontinued in the mid 70's and replaced with the parallel inlays which were less attractive but a lot easier and less wasteful of materials.

This is an old bow which can more than compete with modern recurves and would make a competitive Hunting Tackle bow. The bow is located in St Leaonards on Sea. The asking price is £200.

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