***SOLD***Bearpaw / Bodnik Tombow 20lb, RH

***SOLD***Bearpaw / Bodnik Tombow 20lb, RH

Bodnik Tombow. 50” recurve, right handed, 20# @ 28”. £100.

Fantastic little lightweight recurve - ideal for young children. This bow is far better quality than the majority of low poundage starter / trainer bows available in the UK. When paired with some low spine, lightweight Penthalon Slimline arrows you have a combination that can easily reach long distances, even when only being drawn to 20 or 21 inches. Only selling due to it my son moving up in poundage. The bow still has 28.5 years of warranty left. In perfect condition. The bow is located in Sevenokas but could easily be posted due to short length.

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