TopHat Classic Field Point - Parallel Screw On - 12 Pack

£10.00 / pack(s)
plus delivery

TopHat Classic Technology:

The TopHatClassic arrow point stands for innovation in the sector wooden arrows.

These are top quality filed points. They screw on to the blunt shaft and are much more resilient to hard frontal impacts (i.e. hitting trees and metal pegs in 3D targets), resulting in fewer broken arrow tips. No need for Glue or taper tools.

Fitting the piles can be made easier by using the appropriate sized thread cutting tool and fitting tool but neither are essential in fitting them. If the thread is pre-cut using the tools then the piles simply screw on by hand and once finger tight don't come off!

The points are manufacturered in Germany and made of blued steel to protect against corrosion.

Available in:
5/16 - 100gn or 120gn
11/32 - 100gn or 125gn

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