50 x Quality German Spruce Arrow Shafts

plus delivery

These shafts are extremely good value for money. I have been shooting these Spruce Shafts now for several years in preference to both Pine and Port Ortford Cedar. Spruce shafts are typically lighter both Cedar and Pine. for the same spine. Since arrow velocity is directly proportional to the weight of the arrow they're superbly quick and typically have a a period in the trajectory where they are flying flatter for longer than other woods. Being light though they often go up more straight from the bow. If you're a gap shooter you can expect your gaps to increase but have a longer range where they stay flat (if that makes sense!). If you shoot instictively, just expect to hit more targets better - especially the longer shots!!!

Please note these arrows will be straight from the boxes I receive them in. I will not have straightened them, checked the spine or attempted to match them and so some variance needs to be expected. If you are unhappy with them when you receive them I am happy for you to return them at your own cost providing the entire order is returned. Once I have received them I will provide a full refund (for the cost of the shafts excluding postage).

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