Winter League Entry Ticket

Winter League Entry Ticket

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The Winter League is a series of 5, one day (NFAS) Field Archery competitions which will all be held at the Archers of Battle shooting Ground in Crowhurst, East Sussex. All of the competitions will consist of 40 3D targets and based on "Big Game" scoring.

Any Full NFAS (i.e not provisional) member is welcome to join the league and NFAS cards will need to be shown at each competition.


The competition will be a handicapped league, where different bow styles will be handicapped so all styles are shooting against each other. There is no perfect way to do this but we will try to arrange the handicap to be as fair as possible to all classes.

The top 3 scores acheived by each archer (from the first 4 events) will be totalled and the top 5 scores will make up the "Final Five". At the fifth event, whilst everyone in the league is welcome to shoot, the "Final Five" will shoot in one group and the highest handicapped score on the day will be the Winner of the League.

The planned dates for the rounds of the competition are shown below. The contingency dates are there in case of postponement of a shoot due to bad weather or course conditions.

Shoot                                   Date                                               Contingency date

Round 1                               Nov 4th                                               Nov 11th

Round 2                               Nov 25th                                             Dec 2nd

Round 3                               Jan 6th                                                Jan 20th

Round 4                               Feb 17th                                              Feb 24th               

Final                                     Mar 17th                                              Mar 24th

The £30 entry fee buys entry to all 5 of the competitions, regardless of how many you attend. It is only necessary to shoot 3 of the 4 initial competitions to stand a chance of making it into the "Final Five". All proceeds will go to Archers of Battle Field Archery Club.

Between competitions there will be a reasonable number of course changes made.

Unfortunately, neither dogs or crossbows are permitted on the site.

In the event that the league does not take place a full refund will be made. If you have any queries please feel free to contact

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