3D Targets

3D Targets

All our 3D targets are made in Germany and are either from the Bearpaw Longlife range or Franzbogen. Both these brands of target we have found to be long lasting but also kind to arrows and whilst they will stop the fastest of compounds arrows are still easily pulled out of them without ripping your shoulders out of their sockets!

If you are buying the target(s) for an NFAS archery club then please do contact us first. I am keen to help out clubs as much as possible - especially those we may shoot at!!

Please note: We hold a limited number of the smaller targets available for immediate despatch. Many of the larger targets we obtain when orders are placed. It typically takes 7 to 10 days for a target to reach the customer. If we expect it to be longer than this we will contact you to let you know when we believe you will receive the target(s) and if the wait is unacceptable will provide a full refund.

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Wild Boar

£260.00 *

Laying Boar

£290.00 *

Howling Coyote

£250.00 *

Bedded Roe Deer

£265.00 *

Red Kite

£85.00 *


£34.00 *


£160.00 *


£86.00 *


£255.00 *
plus delivery