Wooden Shafts

We buy our wooden shafts in thousands. We're happy to sell the shafts as we receive them, or spend time accurately matching them for you. If you buy them unmatched we will simply be passing them on as we receive them, unchecked. The will have been spine rated at manufacture but having purchased many shafts from lots of manufacturers in the past, they are never all within tolerance, many will not be perfectly straight, and the weights will vary. If buying unmatched shafts you need to expect this and be prepared to do the leg work to sort them out if you want them to fly superbly.

If you buy our weight and spine matched arrows, we will match as accurately as possible weight before straightening the shaft and then taking a spine reading. The shafts will all be within 10 grains of each other and the spine witll be within a couple of pounds of the mode. This takes a great deal of time and top archers are happy to pay more to ensure they receive products they can trust. Our matched shafts will come with pencil marking of the suggested placement of the cock feather. We beleive that better matched shafts are not offered by anyone else for such a reasonable price. Please note, that if we custom build your arrows we will always use shafts matched in this way.