12 x Premium Weight and Spine Matched German Spruce Arrow Shafts

plus delivery

In matching shafts we under go the following process. Firstly the shafts are inspected for obvious defects, then they are checked for straightness and straightened if needed (it usually is). Once straight it is possible to obtain accurate spine readings. The rating of shafts sold in bulk from manufactures is often not very accurate. We will take spine readings at several different orientations of the shaft to ensure there is not too much variance (we look for all readings to be within 10% of the highest reading). Finally the shafts will be grouped by weight within each 5lb spine rating band. Sets will be within 10grains, often much less. We are able to accurately match shafts since we buy our shafts in thousands.

If you shoot wooden arrows competitively but don't want to buy huge volumes of shafts to make accurately matched sets then this is your solution - we will do the grunt work for you!

The shafts will be marked in pencil where we recommend the cock feather to be placed.

If you have any particular requirements for your arrowshafts, or require an even finer level of tolerance on the spine or weight grouping, then we are more than happy to try and help. Just get in touch and let us know what you require.

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