100 x Premium Quality German Spruce Arrow Shafts

plus delivery

These shafts are extremely good value for money. I have been shooting these Spruce Shafts now for several years in preference to both Pine and Port Ortford Cedar. Spruce shafts are typically around 10% lighter than Cedar and in often inexcess of 15% lighter than Pine. Since arrow velocity is directly proportional to the weight of the arrow they're superbly quick and typically have a a period in the trajectory where they are flying flatter for longer than other woods. Being light though they often go up more straight from the bow. If you're a gap shooter you can expect your gaps to increase but have a longer range where they stay similar (if that makes sense!). If you shoot instictively, just expect to hit more targets better - especially the longer shots!!!

Upon receiving bulk orders of shafts I often weigh and spine check them all in order to make very accurately matched sets which I sell at a premium. These shafts may or may not include both weight and spine ratings marked on them in pencil but I will just have grabbed a handful from a box and not attempted to match them.

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