Bearpaw Arrow Analyser

Bearpaw Arrow Analyser

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This is a truely revolutionary tool which accurately measures the static spine, the weight, and the straightness of parallel (cylindrical) arrows. Please note when using on wooden shafts the shaft needs to be perfecly straight!

For accurate readings please place the device on a stable surface.

The measured data can be transferred to a PC by use of an USB connection.

- 26” distance of arrow rests
- Measures the static spine of an arrow
- Displays spine in; AMO, ASTM or both (toggle)
- Measures the weight of an arrow
- Displays weight in; gram, grain or both (toggle)
- Displays results stay on screen until a new arrow is placed on the device
- Supports spine measuring from two side (second measure)
- Displays a straightness indicator value (second measure)
- Audio feedback is standard
- Customizable (display, sound, …)
- Weighs individual arrow points - place them in the holes on the arrow rest
- Automatic zero correction
- Bright OLED Display
- USB data output
- Auto Power-Off
- Aluminum housing with stainless steel arrow rests

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